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How to face Italian real estate issues if you live abroad

Purchasing or owning a property in Italy may be a much more complicated business than you bargained for. Obtaining a clear legal and tax scenario will help you avoid frustrating problems related to the property you have bought or are deciding to buy in Italy. Italian real estate law can be quite tricky, and for this reason you need to appoint highly skilled, qualified professionals who will make sure you reach your goal without encountering any pitfalls or making bad decisions that could end up in a great financial loss or even in a Court case.

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY and its team of experts will assist by illustrating the specific Italian real estate rules and making sure all legal requirements are met within the specific deadlines, to prevent you suffering serious consequences.

It is essential you do not sign any agreement before you are certain you clearly understand the implications, because legal concepts do not always entail the same outcome in different jurisdictions.

You will not need to hire a lawyer, an accountant and a translator, because the CONSULIA team, lawyers and accountants, are all fluent in English and will also assist by bridging the language gap.

You will not need to travel to Italy, as CONSULIA is able to handle the matter while you are comfortably overseas.

Consulia will assist in:

  • Real Estate planning and purchase strategies;
  • Cost & profit optimization;
  • Lease agreements and renegotiations;
  • Ensuring that the real estate documents you possess are right and meet Italian legal requirements;
  • Providing full tax consultancy also in relation to transfer taxes;
  • Providing all necessary legal information connected to your property and assist you chose the appropriate matrimonial property regime;
  • Mediating on your behalf with third parties such as buyer/seller, real estate agents and Notary Publics;
  • Advising and preparing essential documents for real estate taxes and all other municipal tax duties; Checking your condo’s rules;
  • Collecting and translating all the necessary documents, and dealing when necessary with authentication and legalization;
  • Providing you with assistance and representation before all Italian Courts right up to the Supreme Court in real estate cases.

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