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Company or company branch assessment

Company assessment and evaluation can greatly help any entrepreneur when making important strategic decisions in different situations.

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY and its team of experts will assist in evaluating your company’s assets in accordance with the all the requirements imposed by the business world.

The company’s value: the set of assets organized for carrying out the business activity, cannot be considered solely as the sum of the single assets, the key role is played by the entrepreneur and his management and coordination, such skills guarantee the production of an adequate level of income and a suitable remuneration of the risk undertaken.

Thanks to its long-standing experience in this area, CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY will pinpoint the correct criteria that must be applied to draft an appraisal and evaluation of your company, taking into account all the applicable evaluation data such as:

  • Patrimonial aspects
  • Profit data
  • Profit and patrimonial aspects
  • Financial data
  • Market multiples

CONSULIA’s professionals will assist you during your company’s evaluation and will give fundamental advice on the appraisal criteria helping chose the best one to meet your specific needs.

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