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Family law, proper safeguards for spouse and descendants

Issues regarding family relationships, safeguarding minors and family law in general are highly sensitive aspects that need to be handled with great competence.

In a highly difficult historical scenario in which delicate aspects of family life are rapidly changing, Consulia is proud to provide its clients with stable and sensitive professionals that can handle and solve problems related to personal relationships and assets of spouses or parents and descendants guiding those concerned towards to the adoption of the most satisfactory solution.

CONSULIA’s professionals will assist in cases related to matrimonial difficulties supporting clients both during separation and, if applicable, in the later divorce phase.

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY professionals will devote the same attention to your case as they would if it were their own, paying scrupolus attention also to delicate aspects such as child custody. All professionals of our team will always discuss and explain reasons for chosen strategies.

CONSULIA can offer a wide selection of services related to Family Law, including:

  • legal assistance for all claims connected to matrimonial and/or cohabitation matters
  • legal assistance for guardianship procedures
  • legal assistance in separation procedures, both judicial and not
  • legal assistance in divorce procedures, both judicial and not
  • legal assistance in separation adjustment conditions
  • legal assistance in drafting patrimonial agreements between spouses
  • legal assistance in civil partnerships between same sex couples

Succession: assistance to clients in cases of successions, inheritance and drawing up wills

Succession Law is particularly complex and characterised by a series of formal acts that must be concluded within certain timebars specifically established by National laws. Any delay or incorrect application will result in right losses.

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY will assist find a solution to all problems that can arise when the succession procedure starts, as  mere examples:

  • acceptance or relinquishment of inheritance
  • Joint property ownership termination
  • succession disputes (wills or donations)

In addition CONSULIA offers assistance in drawing up and executing wills.

All choices are adopted after prior complete case analysis all strategies and action plans are carefully discussed with our clients focusing on their specific needs which vary from case to case.

CONSULIA’s team is highly professional thanks to all our consulants’ expertise, always devoted to achieving our clients’ best interests.

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