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Implementation and reporting of European projects

CONSULIA’s professionals will assist in managing European funds thanks to a twenty year cooperation with a National Training Entity,CONSULIA’s assistance is complete for any company that is working on projects financed by the European Commission.

Our team will assist implement your financed project and:

  • Implement all activities within the time bar set in the agreement with the European Commission
  • Maintain a constant relationship with the European’s Commission functionaries
  • Coordinate local activities as well as European partners workload
  • Handle and manage the budget
  • Draft technical and financial reports for the EC
  • Grant the project great visibility highlighting the achieved goals

CONSULIA’s team will support and assist during the complex administrative and cost reporting phases of the European project, since the beginning of the same, assisting during all the necessary steps such as:

  • Relationship with European Commission Project Officer, with the functionary responsible of the project for all the duration of the same
  • Funds’ management, for leader and partners
  • Drafting of (technical and financial) reports for the European Commission
  • Assistance during project monitoring meetings in Bruxelles/Luxembourg

Contact us should you need assistance in managing EU funds