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Debt restructuring for individuals and corporate entities

We help companies to handle and solve difficulties

When an entrepreneur is in difficulty there are many ways and many scenarios to handle so as to restore the business.

It is important you resort to qualified consultants that can advise you and help make the right choices.

Small entrepreneurs have been facing many difficulties in the last period due to the financial crisis, CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY has a specific team that handles over-indebtedness crisis, the team with skills in various fields (fiscal, company law and bankruptcy law) will assist you in a complete manner.

CONSULIA’s team is composed of highly qualified professionals that can provide legal and tax advice especially during the “pathological” period of the company’s corporate existence.

The team will assist providing possible solutions to solve the company’s temporary financial difficulties by processing possible alternatives as also set in Law 3/2012.

Team leader for this specific field within Consulia is Professor and lawyer Mr Massimo Mellaro, for over thirty years he has worked on major cases with a great impact on the Nation’s economy. Thanks to his great expertise and knowledge he will provide the necessary assistance to ferry your company through less invasive bankruptcy proceedings such as preventive agreements “concordato preventivo”, debt restructuring agreements “accordi di ristrutturazione dei debiti”, recovery plans “piani attestati di risanamento” and out-of Court settlements “concordati stragiudiziali”, thus preserving your business and employment levels.

Given the ever increasing difficulties in obtaining effective credit protection in bankruptcy procedures, CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY will also be able to assist you in obtaining credit against insolvent companies  and will also be able to provide competent advice in debt restructuring agreements, arrangements with creditors and recovery plans.

Should you wish for further information on reducing or handling your debts in the best possible way, do not hesitate to contact us