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Bank Law and Wealth management

Alongside Investors and their rights

The Relationship between banks, financial intermediaries in general and savers is increasingly complex and therefore an appropriate knowledge of the legal background is necessary when dealing in these fields.

When entering into a financing agreement or making investments, it is preferable to rely on a professional with competent knowledge that will assist you when taking an important decision, so as to be completely aware of all the consequences, risks and avoid lose any savings.

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY, is a team of highly skilled lawyers and professionals and it assists its clients both in the preliminary phase of entering into agreements and in the possible following judicial phase to claim for compensation suffered from financial operations and/or investments that have violated the investors’ rights.

CONSULIA’s will provide a top class Financial Intermediation and Wealth Management service.

Our professionals have dealt with many fraud victims, clients who lost all their savings in National known cases such as Gianfranco Lande, known as “Madoff dei Parioli” case and the Auditors case.

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY can ensure a wide range of services in Financial Intermediation and Wealth Management:

  • Contractual assistance (mortgage, bank accounts, personal loans with wage assignments, portfolio management etc.)
  • Usury interest rates’ check and/or applied commissions
  • Assistance in procedures before mediation bodies i.e. Arbitro Bancario e Finanziario, Conciliatore Bancario Finanziario – Associazione per la soluzione delle controversie bancarie, finanziarie e societarie – ADR)
  • Assistance before all Italian Courts

CONSULIA’s lawyers, thanks to the experience gained over many years, rely on  an ample repertoire of cases on which to base their analysis, as well as a specific knowledge of jurisprudential orientations adopted by Courts all over Italy right up to the Supreme Court in Rome.

We make all aspect clear to our clients from the beginning especially financial and economic matters, as we issue precise estimates for all cases up to their conclusion.

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