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Clients are informed that their personal data will be handled by ‘Consulia Studio Legale e Commerciale’ (hereafter Consulia) only after the client has signed a written contract entrusting the firm to deal with their case. The head of the data handling aspect responsible for data confidentiality is Ms Lara Dentici, domiciled at Piazza S. Andrea della Valle no. 3, Rome (00186), who can be contacted via e-mail or by certified

A. The personal data needed to deal with the case will be preserved in paper and electronic form. Refusal to communicate such data would make it impossible for Consulia to take on the case and fulfill the contract.

B. The personal data communicated will be used exclusively for the purposes indicated and for the period of duration of the case. In any case, the period of data preservation will not exceed 10 years, as established in the applicable norms.

C. Communication of the personal data needed will be requested exclusively in order for Consulia to fulfill the stipulated contract, and such data can be communicated to third parties only in order to advance the case. The third parties in question may include: accountants, other lawyers, collaborators, partners, other parties’ defense lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, legal offices executives, banking and insurance institutes and any other Authorities, in conformity with specific legal requirements or with the particular nature of the contract.

D. The data communicated to Consulia will not be passed on or communicated to other parties except those listed in point C. above, nor transferred abroad or communicated to Authorities of other nations outside the case in question.

E. Whoever communicates personal data to Consulia after signing a contract with the law firm is free to access their data, ask for copies, correct or alter the data, demand that they be erased, revoke their consent to confidential data handling, ask for them to be transferred to another firm, report to the Authorities and, in general, exercise their rights in the area of personal data handling and confidentiality, as well as contact Consulia for such purposes, using the e-mail/certified e-mail addresses indicated above.