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Tax and corporate consultancy. Audit performance

Tax and corporate consultancy: we assist your company during all its existence

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY can provide ample consultancy in economic, tax and corporate fields, our team is constantly informed on the latest legal changes.

Alongside the traditional skills in the economic, tax, financial and accounting fields, CONSULIA’s team is highly skilled in administration and company liquidation, corporate assessments, inspections and administrative checks, contractual consultancy, auditor roles for companies and no profit entities.

CONSULIA will guide your company throughout its existence since its incorporation.

A company’s existence can be divided in phases:

  • Incorporation: the beginning of a business project connected to all the economic, financial and tax aspects
  • Development: with financial, accounting and organization aspects, legal and audit performance
  • Dissolution: compliance with legal and economic requirements

CONSULIA’s team will assist also by providing contractual advise, during negotiations and arbitration procedures, as well as during corporate restructuring and temporary receiverships.

Audit performance: we will assist you make the most effective and efficient solution.

Audit performance is a highly important tool for an entrepreneur to analyze costs and profits, evaluate results and compare these with the initial goals.

CONSULIA’s team will undertake an administrative check in any kind of company to evaluate and assist make the best choice.

We will guide you and will provide a detailed economic and financial company check by means of analytic periodical accounting reports and documents that will examine and keep you informed on your company’s economic-financial state.

CONSULIA’s team will provide essential information to help understand the company’s status so as to make the most efficient and appropriate choices.

We will help you identify the roles and departments that have contributed to the achievement of your goals, to prevent difficult situations, allowing you to intervene with management solutions to improve the use of your resources.

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