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The local Agenzia delle Entrate or Tax office deals with many issues and it is most likely that if you are doing business in Italy, if you own a property or if you simply want to open a bank account you will come in contact with this office. You will soon notice that many forms have to be filled in and your identity will be checked many times. You will be asked to hand over copies of your passport and will be required to obtain an Italian Codice Fiscale. Are you wondering whether there is there any way you can possibly avoid great queues at the Agenzia delle Entrate as well as many visits to the office ending in going back home without the required certificate but with yet another request for further documentation from the office? You can hire, even via a law firm, an agent that, with appropriate instructions and correct paper work, will obtain your required documentation, thus saving you from undergoing a very time-consuming phase, and you will soon reach your Italian goal.
If you are carrying out any kind of business in Italy, you will be required to obtain a Codice Fiscale (tax code). This is a series of 16 characters and numbers associated with your surname and name initials, your date and place of birth. As an Italian citizen, you receive your Codice Fiscale after the parents complete the Birth Declaration, and the information has been sent directly to the Italian Revenue Office. As soon as the parents get back home with their new born baby, there sitting in the post will be the baby’s tax code, though the baby can still barely open its eyes. Obviously, holding an Italian tax code will not imply any tax duties. You can apply for an Italian Codice Fiscale personally, for free, from any local Agenzia delle Entrate or through a representative that must have the power to apply for it on your behalf. In the event that you need a VISA to travel to Italy, you will also be required to have a VISA to apply for the Codice Fiscale. Should you wish, you can obtain an Italian Codice Fiscale also by applying with the Italian Consular Office or Embassy for free. If you are starting a case, you are obliged to obtain an Italian Codice Fiscale, so make sure you grant your lawyers the power to apply for it and collect it if you are not dealing with this aspect yourself. Should you need further information, please check with our lawyers by using the form below.
No, although this may seem disappointing, Italian law sets specific parameters for Judges when ruling on legal costs. The Judges’ decision based on set guidelines will not take into consideration real accrued legal costs paid by each party. Being the winning party does not imply obtaining a full cost refund from the other party. Moreover, even in cases when the judge has decided for a cost refund there will be no correspondence between the amount you actually paid your lawyer during the trial and the cost refund granted by the Judge. Over many years of experience, we can state that the refund can be approximately 1/3 of actual accrued legal costs.
Yes, in set cases by law, ADR solutions are compulsory before resorting to the Court. Even if your case is not listed in the compulsory cases set out by law, if we deem a settlement is possible, we will work strongly in this direction, using all the tools made available in the Italian system to reach an amicable solution as it ensures a timely and less costly outcome.
Yes, we assist EU and non EU citizens and corporate entities in legal, tax and fiscal fields. Our team members are all fluent in English and will be able to address your needs without you having to meet your consultant personally. We assist many Clients, individuals, corporate entities and multinationals, and over the years we have developed specific procedures which allow us to deal with your issues without meetings in person. We are able to achieve our Clients’ goals without them needing to travel to Italy at any time if not for leisure reasons.
You can contact Consulia by visiting our contact page, without any obligation. Your request will be processed within three working days and your query will be answered by the competent professional who will provide, on the basis of the shared information, a possible strategy and a quote on timing and costs. Please note that the initial correspondence will not imply a Client/Lawyer relationship, which will only come into existence after a written agreement, accepted and signed by both parties, has confirmed Consulia’s appointment, specifying the engagement terms.
Consulia’s lawyers and accountants will be able to assist in the legal, fiscal and tax fields. A firm’s priority does not always coincide with what Clients feel is important to them. We are proud to ensure our Clients’ satisfaction by focusing specifically on our Clients’ expectations and achieving their goals.
Consulia is a team formed by highly skilled and up-to-date lawyers and accountants who cooperate to achieve clients’ goals in the legal, tax and fiscal fields dealing with Italian matters. A good legal outcome is the top Client priority in our book.  To ensure this we also focus on keeping our Clients constantly informed on the matter status by means of regular communications with them. We do not fail to provide detailed explanations about the planned strategy and keep our Clients posted on work progress and the next steps. Every decision concerning the matter will be previously shared with  you, and all Clients will have a clear idea of the scenario before any action is undertaken on their behalf.