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Compensation for medical malpractice

A happy moment like pregnancy or difficult times like illness or a surgical operation can turn into a nightmare, due to diagnostic errors or, more in general to mistakes committed by medical staff. All these cases are qualified as medical malpractice.

CONSULIA Legal and Commercial consultancy ITALY is a team composed by highly qualified lawyers and legal medicine experts, who will deal with your case as if it were their own.

In all medical malpractice cases, the patient has the right to obtain compensation for damages suffered, from the Hospital or Health Care Institute.

When applying for compensation it is important to highlight that all damages may be indemnified i.e. biological damages, compensation for psichological suffering and impacts on all facets of the patient’s life style affected by the medical negligence or malpractice.

In specific cases, the patient’s close family members may also be entitled to compensation.

If you are searching for a competent firm that can understand your problems and guide your choices to obtain proper compensation, CONSULIA can supply the professionals you are looking for.

The experience gained in many years of activities allows CONSULIA’s lawyers to rely on  an ample repertoire of cases on which to base their analysis, as well as a specific knowledge of jurisprudencial orientations adopted by Courts all over Italy right up to the Supreme Court in Rome.

All aspects will be clear to you from the beginning especially financial and economic matters, as we issue precise estimates for all cases up to their conclusion.

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